Black/Black Shape-Stripes with Leafy Flowers, Vintage Kimono Silk Pieces

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Rich black on black, with woven jacquard motif of lengthwise elongated hexagrams and other shapes with shapes within them, and every inch or so, a shape with 2 or 3 striped flowers with plump little leaves. All created by jacquard. This is a beautiful, complex jacquard that is quite pronounced on the front of this mid-weight flowy silk. It's drapey, matte not shiny, with the dimensional light-play of the ornate 'stripes' which are about 1" wide. This silk is in excellent condition from its previous life as parts of a kimono. The reverse side is the same deep black, with only a bit of the texture and less detail.  Japan. 

Various pieces in different sizes available.  

# 3629

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