Black/Light Tan Fineweave Ikat, Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk, by the Yard

  • $12.50

Only 9 left!

Weaving mastery. This detailed and intricate black and light tan double ikat reads as black and very light warm gray. Not bright white. The design is beautiful - rectangles, diamonds. The fibers are so fine that the surface is flat and very very smooth, and the silk is thin but strong. It's a bit crisp with no drape. It is a Murayama Oshima Tsumugi, a respected, difficult ikat technique with a long history of artisan weaving, outside of Tokyo. If you're the first to order, we'll include the certification labels and gold border, no charge.  This silk is vintage, never used from the bolt, in quite great condition. Both sides look and feel the same since this is a true ikat. 


14.25" wide. Sold by the full yard, and your piece will be cut from the bolt in one piece. 



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