Autumnal Leaves of Awe, Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk Pieces #3501

  • $24.25

The techniques employed in this beauty are a source of awe and mystery. Fukureori or Kawari-ori or "Change Weave" at its finest, creating different textures and types of leaves in oranges, golds, burgundy, a bit of green... the leaves seem to be embroidered with a few different techniques. Some of the yellow outlines look hand-painted. The silk shines in different ways and lights. Absolutely breathtaking if you love textiles!  Soft, drapey, lush mid-weight silk with texture. The photos won't convey how amazing this silk is. 

The back side is smoother, less shiny, less texture, more matte, and the gold lines are bright white. 

One piece left, it's 14" x 28" for $24.25


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