Faux Black/Gray Horn 1" Sew-On SNAPS

  • $15.00

Only 5 left!

They look like and feel like real, black and gray horn, and each one slightly different. These large snaps are high end, sleek and strong, slightly shiny, made from durable European resin, and beautiful. Six sewing holes, and thin grooves the thread nests into, around the outside of the circle, making a thread hexagram. Sew the back side against your fabric and the two fronts snap together. The 'horn' side is visible when the garment is unsnapped. They are very lightweight; about 4 grams for both sides. Lighter than a quarter. So pretty you'll be tempted to design something just for them. 1" diameter. Each side is 1/8" thick and snapped together they are 1/4" thick. Italy. 

Black blended with very dark nearly-black gray. Small, unobtrusive silver metal fittings.  Priced per set of one male plus one female piece.  

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