Beach Stone Buttons, Set of 3 Ocean-Tumbled 2" Gray #LP-3

  • $18.00

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Set of 3 gray/black ocean stone buttons, from rocks tumbled in the ocean for who-knows-how-long, before Laura gathered them and made them into two-hole buttons.  They are smooth and naturally gorgeous. They're about 2" x 3/4" but natural, so each is different. The card in the photos is the exact card and buttons you'll get. 

Sea Buttons - wildly beautiful. Each is made from pottery, a stone or a piece of sea glass found on the beaches of Maine by artist Laura Pierce. Never altered in any way, these are real ocean treasures. She says it is a challenge and a reward to work with what nature tosses into her path, and that her goal is to convey the wildness and freedom of the sea to the wearer. 

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