Violet/Orange Chrysanthemums Vintage Kimono Silk BOLT from Japan #249

  • $190.00

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Stunning deep rich violet silk with a subtle background jacquard and 8 different areas where the chrysanthemum designs appear through the bolt. The mum designs are orange, white blending with off-white and cream, and light purple. Each one is a bit different in size, composition and placement. The largest is 14" x 25", the smallest around 5" x 6". They aren't spaced evenly; they appear in the bolt so that they are in the proper positions when the kimono would be worn. They range from 13" to 2.5 yards apart, with solid violet silk in between. This bolt is 14" wide and 13.75 yards long.  It's in excellent condition, vintage and higher end; the colors, artwork, craftsmanship and quality are truly gorgeous.  Liquid drape, with a slight crepe hand, it's lightweight, flowy and supple, with no shine. This bolt is 14" wide and 13.75 yards long. Order "1" for the whole bolt; we're not selling this bolt by the yard, nor can we swatch it. 

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