Still-Tied BOLT of Yarn-Dyed Stripe Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan #408

  • $75.00

Only 1 left!

Olives, ochres, golds and browns, with a few threads of blue and black, combine in this soft, lightweight kimono silk from Japan. This was woven for a mens' kimono. It's rare to find these silk bolts still tied and never opened; this one looks to be in pristine condition. The silk is soft, lightweight, smooth and a bit sleek, not shiny but not a matte texture, either. This bolt is 14.5" x 4.5" and 1" thick, and weighs almost a pound. The silk is 14.5" wide, 100% vintage unused silk. You will receive the full BOLT which we assume is around 12.5 yards. (So, the equivalent of $6.00/yard, with free shipping). 100% Silk.  Japan.  Order "1" for the bolt. 

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