Pond at Sunrise, Still Tied BOLT Vintage Kimono Meisen Silk, Double Ikat, from Japan, #181

  • $140.00

Awash in early morning warm sunlight tones, this old silk Meisen from Japan is still tied together with thread in two spots. It has 3 of its original old labels, one green and one natural off white selvedge, fringe and border with stampings. It was likely woven sometime in the 1940's-60's, maybe earlier, as most Meisen like this were. Very blurry edges as per the desired style of old Meisen, this silk is lightweight, thin, smooth and soft but not shiny. It's a bit crisp. The bolt looks in beautiful condition from what we can see. The peach background varies a bit from lighter to darker - it may have been hand woven. You can see through to the layer beneath in some of the photos. The weaver has created many taupe tones that are a great contrast to the peach. Front and back are just the same - this is a true double ikat. These bolts are usually about 12.5 yards, and we assume this one is too. It was made in Isesaki, a city in Japan that we've had many beautiful Meisen from over the years. Meisen is increasingly hard to find.  Vintage pure silk, never used in excellent condition. Prettier than the photos, in reality it's less muddy and more uplifting with a more tropical feel. The silk bolt folds up to 14" x 7" x .75" and weighs 10 ounces.  Order "1" for the bolt.  14" wide, 100% Silk. Japan. 

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