Crazy Quilt Vintage Kimono Silk by the Yard #252

  • $12.00

Only 12 left!

The base silk is a subtle jacquard with large leaves and berries. The 'patches' have pottery-inspired designs in peach, mustard, green, gray, brown and light blue. On some of the patches' edges, blue blends with the light yellow and creates some watercolory lime green shades. A beautiful, dynamic print; perhaps kites, not a crazy quilt?  The back looks nearly identical; maybe slightly lighter. The yellow is not quite as bright as the photos. Medium-lightweight, soft, flowy, drapey and supple, sleek, with a hint of shine.  100% Silk. 14" wide, sold by the full yard and we'll cut yours in one piece from the vintage, never used, excellent condition bolt. Japan. 

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