Fancy Tomato/Ivory/Gold Chrysanthemums Vintage Kimono Silk Satin, 14" x 63" #4647

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Everything about this kimono silk is regal and formal. The base jacquard of Japanese fans has accents of very fine shiny gold stitches. The tomato red backgrounds have deckled edges and there are screens or walls with a lighter tomato red, green, gold and raspberry. The base silk is a sleek,  opulent ivory ecru satin. Chrysanthemums, plum blossoms, maple leaves, clouds and hills. Subtle gold accents. This silk is slightly heavier than most kimono silk, but still lightweight. It's flowy, supple and soft, elegant. This vintage silk had a former life as pieces from a kimono, and has been disassembled for you to re-love. It's in perfect condition. 100% Silk. Japan. 

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