Deep Purple/Gold Dark Print Chirimen Crepe, Vintage Kimono Silk 6.5" x 57" #4657

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The print is dark, opulent and finely detailed. Temples and bridges, lush peonies and thousands of other flowers mostly in muted, subdued roses and reds. Flower carts, homes and hills. Deep eggplant and other purples blend in the background. Gold outlining is quiet because it's so finely drawn and all the colors are so dark. This lightweight, supple, flowy chirimen crepe silk has a pebbly texture, a dry hand, and no shine at all. The back is also beautiful; just purple, and black where the images are on the front. Years ago these pieces were part of a kimono, recently taken apart stitch by stitch, cleaned and ironed for you to re-purpose. To help you judge the scale of the print, the last 3 photos are 14" x 42" or a bit longer. Excellent condition. Some previous seam lines may have creases. 100% Silk. Japan.

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