Black/Black Drifting Net Satin, Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan By the Yard #410

  • $11.00

Only 5 left!

True black so dark, sometimes the net doesn't show at all. As the net becomes tighter and looser, its openings change from almost nothing, to about 1-1/2" diamonds.  It's all done in the weave with jacquard. This blackest black silk is gleaming, sliightly on the heavy side, very soft and sleek, with some body and some drape. The net covers all the silk and changes constantly as it 'drifts'.   14" wide, sold by the full yard and we'll cut yours in one piece from the vintage, never used bolt. Excellent condition 100% Silk.  Japan.  

(We've made some of the photos look a little lighter so that the net image would show up better, but this silk is black.)

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