7 Pieces of Cranberry Vintage Shibori Kimono Silk, Various Sizes # 105

  • $110.00

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Dark cranberry red, overall hand-dyed vintage artisan shibori. The base silk is a sleek, lightweight, soft and supple silk with a jacquard pattern, over-dyed with tie-dye, in colors blending from darker to lighter cranberry, plus areas of more purplish red. These are pieces from a vintage kimono that has been disassembled. This 100% silk is supple, flowy, light, thin, textured and drapey, very soft. The shibori texture is quite pronounced on one side and just slightly bumpy on the other. It is in beautiful condition, from Japan. Being a true shibori, the back is almost identical but the shibori squares that were once hand-tied and dyed, are a bit less sharp. The long, 13" x 76" piece is half shibori, half cranberry tie-dyed jacquard without shibori.  Five of the 7 have flowers in different sizes and positions that would be placed properly on the finished kimono, per the photos. Sold as a set, so order "1", and you'll get all 7 of these pieces, for $110.00:

Full shibori, 6 pieces total:  2 pieces each 12.5" x 40".  2 pieces each 12.5" x 44".  2 pieces each 9" x 42", one all shibori with no flowers.

Half shibori and half cranberry, no flowers: 13" x 76".

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