Taupe Wild Silk Rustic Handloom from India. #579

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Natural wild silk handloom, thanks to specific types of uncultivated, wild silk moths in India. The endless colors of this Tussar Silk are earthy and luscious, so the natural woven stripes vary from golden ecru to dark brown. The fibers vary in width and consistency throughout, and there are slubs and variance. This silk is amazingly thin and almost papery, but more drapey and supple. It's not soft and 'silky' - much more rustic. The subtle glow almost looks golden in certain lights, which is a common trait of Tussar silk. Textile lover's dream!  Stripes run crosswise, from selvedge to selvedge.  Dry clean or test first then handwash. 42" wide.


Sold by the full yard. 42" wide, and we'll cut yours in a continuous piece. 

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