SALE Crayon Box Cotton Woven from India, Soft Magenta By the yard #CHL005

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Rustic, color-blended cotton, as India does so well. Skinny crosswise woven, imperfect "stripes" run perpendicular to the selvedge. Warp is magenta, but not bright; more of a dusty magenta. Weft threads are a mix of orange-yellow, blue, and a bit of red, which bring life to the softer magenta. They are dyed before weaving, so where they 'land' changes the effect throughout and creates an striped abstract, textured, handwoven look. This cotton weighs 4-5 ounces per yard, which is in between quilting cotton and voile. It has some slubs and no shine, looks and feels the same front and back. For pillows, quilts, napkins, tablecloths, runners, warm-weather shirts, tops, dresses, tunics, shorts, pants, ponchos, accessories. 

Per the cautious vendor: 'Handwash this ikat separately cold, no bleach, line dry, cool iron'. In reality most of our customers test first, then find that machine wash and dry warm or cool works just fine. Expect shrinkage. 

100% Cotton, 44" wide, India. Sold by the full yard. Yours will be cut from the bolt in one piece. 

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