LOT OF 3 BLUE Silk Saris, 5-6 yards each, 17 yards of Silk, Lightly Worn Vintage, Many Blues #SR31.

  • $175.00

Only 1 left!

These silk saris from India are all soft, light, flowy, supple, smooth, drapey, beautifully printed in many gorgeous breathtaking blues. They are not a set that was made to go together; we just got lucky with our shipment and the blues are spectacular. One is like sueded charmeuse, one has a detailed brocade border and some iridescence, one has a tiny print in dark Tahoe Turquoise Blue. All are the same front and back. As with most saris, the colors and theme stays the same but the design changes for part of the sari, so that all 5-6 yards are not the same. Pure silk from India, beautifully printed. They are used, probably vintage, and we did see a couple of small soiled areas but we see no tears or structural issues; they seem just lightly worn. Each is 43/44" wide and 5-1/2 to 5-7/8 yards long. So you'll be getting around around 17 yards total, for a little over $10.00 per yard. They are fine light silk - each sari weighs less than 12 ounces. 100% Silk, Age Unknown, India. Order "1" and you'll get all three saris.

This is stunning silk that was made years ago, before silk prices went sky high, and you're giving it a new life without the harm of new manufacturing.  

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