Indigo + Secret Green Double Ikat Checks Cotton By the Yard # 798

  • $18.00

Near-white base cotton with green mixed into the weave adding even more 'life' to the indigo checked grid. The effect is an indigo with whispers of deepest turquoise and cobalt. Mid-weight cotton is the same front and back. It's a handloom, almost opaque but not quite, and a bit rustic. Great for warm weather apparel - tunics, tops, skirts, dresses, pj's and robes, accessories, kids' clothing, bedding, tables and windows. Difficult double ikat with the green added that blurs the edges.  Limited supply, soulful artisan-created 100% cotton from India.

Twenty-seven checks evenly spaced in 42" across the 44" fabric width. Checks are about 3/4" square depending on how much of the color you measure. No two are exactly alike. 

Some care for their India cottons by hand washing in cool water separately and drying in the shade. Others have had good success machine washing and drying, so test first and find what works for you and the particular fabric. 

43/44" wide. Sold by the full yard. 

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